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       Indian Wedding entrance

     'This Girl' - with dohl drums

        Playing for Indian

  Wedding reception (2016)

Solid sax showreel

Solid sax showreel

'Despacito' Indian wedding

          entrance (2018)


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Ian performing live (2014)

Indian party saxophone entrance

Amy & Rhett's 1st dance (2016)

     Indian Wedding 1st dance   


Night club performance

    Saxophone and dhol drum -  

 Indian Wedding freestyle (2015)

    Playing for Eileen's 80th

      Birthday party (2016)

Sax & bongos 'free-style'...

 Playing for Indian wedding

          1st dance (2018)

 Playing for Indian wedding

          1st dance (2018)

Performing live in America with

             The Foundations

New Years Eve 2017 (vocals)

      Sax with DJ for evening 

     wedding reception (2018)

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