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Frequently asked questions


Below are some of the most frequently asked qustions that Ian receives...

If there is anything else that you would like like to know - please don't hesitate to contact Ian

How much do you charge?


As every event is both special and unique, there are certain factors (eg. the date of your event... the travel time required... the set-up time and logistics... and how long you would like Ian to be at your event for etc.) which will vary and may affect the price...  Once Ian has had the opportunity to chat with you either on the phone or via email then he will be able to provide you with an exact and all-inclusive quote for your event.

How long do you play for?


Again, as every event differs, this will vary - depending on your special occasion and requirements.

As a rough guide - for an evening party, Ian will usually perform either 2 x 60 minute sets, or 3 x 40 minute sets...

And when ever possible, Ian will always work around your itinerary, to make sure that you and your guests have as much live music as possible.


Can I request songs from your playlist?


Yes, absolutely...  Ian prides himself on tailoring his music around you wherever possible, and is extremely versatile - performing a wide range of musical styles and artists for you to choose from.   If there is a particular song, such as for your first dance or Wedding Ceremony, that is not on his current playlist - He will also be very happy to learn it for you too.

- providing that he has a few weeks notice to give him time to prepare your request.

Are you insured?


Yes, Ian has Public Liability Insurance (PLI) up to £10 million, and all his electrical equipment is PAT (health and safety) tested.

A copy of these certificates is available on request.

Is there anything extra you need on the day?


Depending on how long Ian is going to be at your event, his contract is likely to include a request for a hot meal and provision for bottled water/soft-drinks. 

He will also require access to a room where we can get changed.

On arrival, in order to unload equipment as quickly and efficiently as possible - it's great if Ian can park as close as possible to his playing location.

If parking is difficult, or an issue - provision of an allocated parking space for the duration of his time at your venue will also be required.

A safe electrical supply and at least one 240v mains socket.

How long do you take to set up?


Usually, Ian requires only 30 minutes to set up - depending on the location, accessibilty and how many locations he going to be playing in.

However...  he will always arrive at least 60 minutes before his performance time, in order to be appropriately dressed and ready to perform for you.

How much space do you need?


Ian's set up can be very compact and requires a minimum space of just a couple of metres -  although ideally, the more space, the better.

Can you play outside?


Yes, absolutely... As long as there is a safe electricity supply and the location is either suitably covered (during the 'rainy season') or situated in the shade (sax players don't do very well when standing in direct sunlight on hot summers day!).

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